algaecide or chlorine first

  • Algaecide first then shock? | Trouble Free Pool

    01.05.2014· I also have a question. Do I shock 1st, then let rest for a day (simmer down), then add the algaecide (Kem-Tek 60% Concentrated Algaecide) ..?? or Algaecide first then shock. I thought I was told the shock would kill the algaecide..?

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  • Pool Algaecide | Aquasplash No1 | The Best …

    As you start to clean the water will go cloudy, so do the worst affected parts first while the visibility is better. Test pool water Using test strips or a pool tester check the pH levels of your pool water, which should read between 7.2 and 7.6 with an alkalinity of 80 to 120ppm, and calcium hardness of 200 to 400, that will ensure that the chemicals will work properly when added to your pool.

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  • Pool Chemicals | Chlorine, Clarifiers and Algaecide

    Whether it's chlorine, shock, algaecide, water balancers or specialty chemicals, we've got you covered! With our wide array of products, you can easily keep your pool's water balanced, fresh and clear. Even if you like to buy in bulk, we carry plenty of chemical packages for pool closing, ...

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  • How to Kill Algae With Chlorine | eHow

    16.08.2020· Following the instructions provided with the algaecide you purchase. Chlorine is just one of many choices to kill algae.. The best way to kill algae is too prevent growth by maintaining proper water chemistry, shocking with chlorine several times a year and testing frequently.

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  • What do I put in a pool first? Chlorine or …

    19.07.2009· It's an intex easy set pool, 18 X 48. It doesn't have any algae, but I just want to prevent it. I do chlorine everyday and run the filter all the time, but I want to prevent algae, so I bought algaecide, it says put it in once a week.

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  • Here's How To (Quickly) Get Rid Of Pool Algae …

    In prevention and treatment, water chemistry is one of the most important steps to getting and keeping your pool algae-free. You need to test your chlorine and pH levels with a good test kit (which are more accurate than test strips), and bring your pH level to about 7.8 by adding sodium carbonate to increase it or sodium bisulfate will also need to make sure the chlorine is at least above 1 ppm.

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  • Chlorine and Algae | Swim Above Ground

    First, shock your pool and keep your water circulating 24 hours a day if possible. You are looking to achieve 10 ppm of chlorine. After shocking, you will need to brush and vacuum the entire pool. Follow up with an algaecide designed for your particular algae problem (most …

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  • Phosphate removers and algaecides: a how-to …

    These roots penetrate deep into the surface and if you use cheap algaecides or just straight chlorine you will only kill the tip of the algae and it will return within weeks, if not days. Look for an algaecide that has a combination of copper and a quaternary ammonium compound (an example of such an algaecide is Tropiclear Pool Algaecide).

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  • Question: Do I Use Shock Or Algaecide First? - …

    Chlorine combines with the algaecide ingredients and renders them useless. The best time to introduce an algaecide , which functions best as a preventative, is after you’ve shocked the pool and the chlorine level has fallen below 5 parts per million. When should I use algaecide? Algaecide should be added to your pool water on […]

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  • Phosphates, Algae, and Chlorine Demand

    Chlorine demand. Chlorine’s vital role in our swimming pools is disinfection, and its secondary role is oxidation. According to the IPSSA Basic Training Manual (emphasis added): “The primary purpose of disinfection is to kill pathogenic (disease-causing) organisms such as bacteria, parasites, viruses and other organisms such as algae, mold, mildew and spores.

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  • Is algaecide any better than chlorine for killing …

    Actually, algaecide does not do the actual killing of the algae. It strips the cell walls of the algae and allows the chlorine (hypochlorus acid) to do its job. So algaecide works great as a ...

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  • Best Swimming Pool Algaecides – A How to Use …

    01.05.2018· Algaecide is capable of killing the algae and keeping the surface of ponds and swimming pools, be it a hidden pool, clean and free from algae. The best algaecide is liquid or powdered algaecide as it can chemically get rid of the algae quickly. There is no other substance that can remove algae as quickly as an algaecide.

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  • My pool is green, what should use first - shock or ...

    A green pool is one with active algae. First check your CYA level and record. Second check pH level and record. You will need to raise free chlorine to 30ppm over the CYA demand level (Chlorine at 7.5% of CYA). The pH is best at 7.2. Use an acid d...

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  • Swimming Pool Algaecide | Online | UK | 1st Direct

    If your chlorine level drops, algae will quickly appear and you’ll have to give it a swift dose of granular shock! It is much easier to make sure you keep the pool protected with algaecide, and make sure your Chlorine and pH levels are kept at the correct levels to prevent this from happening.

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  • algaecide tablets

    FREE Shipping on your first order shipped by Amazon. More Buying Choices $10.30 (3 used & new ... Algaecide, and Disinfectant in Swimming Pools and Spas | Slow Dissolving and UV Protected | 8 Lbs. 4.7 out of 5 stars 343. $49 ... HTH 52026 Super Shock Treatment Swimming Pool Chlorine Cleaner, 1 lb (Pack of 12) 4.7 out of 5 stars 1,174. $34.88 ...

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